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Symantec AntiVirus 14.0

Symantec Antivirus the most efficient,fully updated Antivirus
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Symantec AntiVirus provides scalable, secured virus protection for workstations and network servers throughout the enterprise. Enhanced security features plus centralized policy management enable administrators to manage client and server groupings logically. In addition, administrators can create, deploy, and lock down security policies and settings to keep systems up-to-date and properly configured at all times. The centralized management console enables administrators to audit the network and identify which nodes are unprotected, and determine which nodes are protected by Symantec AntiVirus, This function allows administrators to proactively secure unprotected nodes before an event can occur, ensuring system uptime and user productivity.. Even in the face of unusually heavy demand for virus definitions during serious outbreaks, Infected clients and network servers are cleaned quickly and efficiently via on-demand, enterprise-wide virus sweeps initiated from a centralized console. NAVEX, a single, extensible scanning and repair engine, provides the unique ability to update virus definitions and engine extensions - without having to reboot servers or re-deploy application software, thereby easing management and minimizing the cost of ownership. To enhance speed, the solution includes reduced virus definition file sizes . And for extra security, LiveUpdate technology enables administrators to configure automatic updates for virus definitions, including updates for out-of-date definitions.

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  • Protection against almost all viruses and trojans
  • Live update keeps it updated
  • At least detection of new unwanted spyware,viruses,trojans


  • Cannot scan managed clients
  • A bit costly
  • requires latest hardware
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